Unit 3

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Unit introduction

This unit is your chance to show off! A digital portfolio is an exciting onscreen way to showcase your achievements to potential employers or when applying for a course.

It is all about:

● the projects you have created and developed

● your use of communication and presentation skills

● your capabilities and potential.

Digital portfolios can be viewed by anyone with a computer and an internet browser.

You will learn how to create a digital portfolio that includes a series of web pages with links to content that you have created. You will learn how to make use of multimedia assets such as images, sound and video to make your portfolio appealing and engaging.

For this unit, your digital portfolio will have a clear purpose and audience to show them who you are and what you are capable of. It should have a structure that is logical and easy to navigate and must be in a format that can be uploaded and viewed on the web.

You should think of your portfolio as a shop window, carefully selecting a range of content including work done on this BTEC course as well as any other appropriate content. Every item should be clearly introduced, explaining why it is included and what it demonstrates to the viewer. Multimedia assets should be used to enhance the experience for the viewer, not as a substitute for good content.

This unit can be used as synoptic unit to bring together the content of all the optional specialist units in the course. It can be studied alongside the other units and completed at the end of the course.

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Learning aims

In this unit you will:

A design a digital portfolio

B create and test a digital portfolio

C review the digital portfolio.