The Brief:

You are required to develop ideas for a final series of five manipulated images that are inspired by the theme TRANSFORM. You may choose to explore the idea of metamorphic, transition, change, movement, scale or identity.

During the first term in year 10 you will undergo a series of workshops to develop the beginnings of your project and collect a wide range of images for use towards your final pieces.

Then, as you move forward into year 11 you will explore your own ideas and concepts surrounding this theme in preparation for your final exam. During the exam you will be given a paper from which a starter keyword will be chosen, using images and techniques that you have collated over the coming year, a final piece will be generated in 10 hours, the culmination of 6 weeks preparatory and planned response.


Alberto Serveso

Lui Bolin

Laurence Demaison

Lucas. C Simone

Dan Mountford

Federico Cabrera


Multiple exposures


Black and white



The Task:

  1. Bullet

  2. Bullet  The completion of 1 or 2 sketchbooks.

  1. Bullet  Conduct artist research & experimentation. E.g. Contact sheets, test strips, screen shots, brushes and layers etc.

  1. Bullet  Workshops: Macro, portraiture, high-speed capture & props.

  1. Bullet  You are expected to compete research on a minimum of 8 different artists for your final piece.

  1. Bullet  You are asked to include 4 hidden messages in your piece, either symbolic or words. 

  1. Bullet  Your design must            show evidence of your influenced journey through your research, manipulation and process, as well as progression throughout the project.


You will be given an interim mark at the halfway point, suggesting how you can improve towards your targeted grade. You will be given verbal feedback continuously and written feedback for homework.  Completion of your controlled coursework will be set for June 2015.

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