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Digital collection of 8 images presented then developed into a final piece.

During the project you will explore aspects of the self, people and places. You will explore identity and surrealism and your relationship with the world around you and how we connect, attach and relate through images generating thought provoking metaphors or fiction narrative.

You will develop skills in digital image manipulation and the use of Photoshop. You will understand more about the materials and techniques involved in digital image manipulation and produce a series of studies that explore a wide range of materials and techniques based around your own ideas.

Consider the following:


Here & Now

Illusion & Reality

Landscape, Nature & Surrealism

Emotional: metal health, social pressures, and the future

Past & Present

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  1. Bullet 1 page Introduction page to your brief – PEOPLE AND PLACES

  2. Bullet 1 page initial research. Images that provoke the idea of Transform. Include written thoughts.

  3. Bullet 10 relevant artists well presented

Linking to the idea of transform and identity.

  1. Bullet 1 page showing a visual mind map (or equivalent of your initial ideas and where your idea is going.

  2. Bullet 6 research pages showing development of an idea, showing own photographs, process of editing and realisation of idea.

  3. Bullet 6 evidenced pages of different workshops, presenting contact sheet, screen shots,favorite images, showing and explaining techniques and process.

  1. Bullet Macro – water, ice, eyes & botanical

  2. Bullet Light trail – words & figure N/P

  3. Bullet Insects  - butterflies, bugs and birds

  4. Bullet Objects – puppets, personal possessions

  5. Bullet Landscape – sea, woods & school

  6. Bullet Make-up – words, character, fashion

  7. Bullet Portraiture with props – surreal, reality, expressions, lighting & identity.

Project Checklist

Workshop Checklist