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You work for a company that makes technology products. You are asked to produce graphics for a promotional campaign for a new smart phone or tablet. You must choose no more than three of the main features of the device. You must concentrate on the USP (Unique Selling Points) of your specific device. You will need to review the current market place and develop a design that reflect the interests of your purchasers (audience).

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Project Brief

What is a graphic product?

logo, sign, poster, magazine cover, packaging, web graphics, engineering drawings, manuals, imagery in movies and computer games.

What is it’s purpose?

invoke emotion, educate, inform, entertain.

Who are they aimed at?

They have many different target audiences: gender, age, interests.

During this term you will be exploring a new unit- Creating Digital Graphics.

In this unit you will investigate a range of applications and features of existing graphic products and consider their audience and purpose. You will be able to apply some of what you learn to your own digital graphic product.