A guide to what your examiner will look for


  1. 1.Respond in an artistic way to something that interests you.

  1. 2.Take your own photographs

  1. 3.Keep your chosen study going from first idea to final piece.

  1. 4.Work on your own when making your final piece

  1. 5.Look in detail at all parts of your idea, theme or subject. Choose, research and communicate relevant information. Make and evaluate as you go along.

  1. 6.Turn your ideas and feelings into reality using materials, processes and techniques.

  1. 7.Use and compose visual elements such as line, tone, colour, pattern, shape, form and space.

8. Study works of art by artists/photographers. Use your knowledge gained to improve your work.

What will you photograph?  What other ways will you record information?

List names and ideas of who you will research use the links gallery and links per starting point to help you.

What techniques will you explore?

Camera techniques? Handmade Collages? Photoshop experimentation? Ink in water etc.?

What is your final piece likely to be? An image? A book of images? A animation? A Photoshopped image or set of images? A construction made of photos?





Write your brief.

Once you have mind-mapped your idea write your own brief

Your brief should outline/summarize your idea. You should explain what research you will undertake, what photographs you intend to take, your creative and imaginative ideas and experiments you will undertake and some idea of what you might make for your final piece.

Your preparation will count for 60% of your final exam grade. It is essential that you spend as much time as possible on this in both class and at home.

Advice and guidance is available from your teacher.

Photography club takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 3.30-4.45pm

You must include extensive notes on your chosen artists/photographers. You should discuss the techniques they use. You should make your research visually interesting.


My Artist/Photographers are:


You must include a wide selection of your own photographs. These should be planned and well shot.

I will photograph:

Own Photographs

You should fully experiment with a wide range of materials and techniques that suite your brief/idea.

The experiments I plan to undertake are:

Material Experiments

What makes your idea unique? What is your creative twist?

You must try and make work that is creative and personal. You should avoid ideas that are obvious and predictable.

Originality and imagination are essential.

My creative twist/final piece idea is:

Imaginative response/final piece

Now write your own brief to describe your plan