Controlled Coursework Final Term

Parallel Worlds

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Welcome back to year 11

You have one term left to complete your controlled coursework.

This is worth 60% of your final grade for Photography

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Start Here

This Section Takes you through the workshops completed at the beginning of the Parallel Worlds project started at the beginning of year 10.

Visit this section first and ensure that you are happy with the work you are submitting for this section.

Now is the time to redo or complete workshops from this section and present at the beginning of your sketchbook

In this section you are

reminded of the work required through to your final piece for the Parallel Worlds Project.

Remember you must have a final piece for this project.

Step 1

Step 2

Not sure what to write when analysing images? 
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Not me....Ive finished the parallel worlds project?

Here’s a new project just for you.

In this section you are taken through the steps required to complete your Digital Fashion Project (T Shirt, fashion image and magazine cover/spread)

Simple Coursework Checklist

At least 6 Artist workshops including 2 pages of artist research for each (STEP 1 BELOW)


Final piece development (including own images), screenshots and printed final piece (STEP 2 BELOW)


Digital Fashion Project including, digital patterns (iPad and Geometee), Digital Printed T Shirt, Fashion Shoot with T Shirt, Magazine Front Cover and Inside Spread)




People and Places Project


FOR ALL THIS Monday 5th January


Step 3

The Deadline for Steps 1-3 is Monday 5th January 2015

CLICK HERE../SBs_2014_greats.html
Keys to a successful Portfolio Submission (60% of your GCSE Photography Grade)

Your BEST work.  Make sure your sketchbook only contains the your best work. All pages that are presented for Assessment must be to your best possible standard.

Your project flows. Annotations explain your intentions and how you will develop your idea. You must link your ideas from Parallel Worlds Experiments, Parallel Worlds Final Piece and Your fashion Project. 

Vary the size and selection of your images. Too many small images that you cannot see are irrelevant. YOUR BEST images should be larger. DO NOT add lots of screen shots that are too small and show little change from the previous screen shot. Choose the most relevant from your process and annotate clearly.

Demonstrate your UNDERSTANDING and not Just your KNOWLEDGE. Hears a simple example:. Knowledge, in effect, is the accumulation of facts, myths, trivia and beliefs. We may all know that placing a raw egg into boiling water will cook the egg, but we don't necessarily understand the process that affects the proteins in the egg, however a specialist who studies.the process will not only learn how, but understand why. In your sketchbook make sure you annotate to show you know how but more imporatntly understand why what you have completed will develop your idea.