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Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Certificate and Extended Certificate in Information and Creative Technology

The rationale for all the qualifications in the BTEC First suite is to:

●  inspire and enthuse learners to become technology savvy – producers of technology products and systems, rather than just consumers of them

●  give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of, and skills in, the Information Technology sector and some aspects of the creative industries, e.g. computer games development

●  allow for a flexible choice of units to meet the needs of learners with different interests and inclinations by offering four different pathways

●  support progression to a more specialised level 3 vocational or academic computing course, or to an Information Technology apprenticeship

●  give learners the potential opportunity, in due course, to enter employment within a wide range of junior job roles across the Information Technology sector and some aspects of the creative industries. Junior job roles include: Software Engineer, Website Content Manager, Computer Animator, Help Desk Support
and Graphic Designer.

The revised title of the qualification reflects the emphasis on the ‘creativity’ required by learners to create/develop computer-based products or systems.


The Next Gen.  review by Ian Livingstone and Alex Hope, published in February 2011, set out the IT needs for the film and computer-games industries. There were many recommendations, including the observation that art-based disciplines have converged with IT in the creative industries.

As a result, we have increased the amount of creative-style units in the qualification by adding units on audio and video.

The report was also critical of some parts of the current school Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum, which focuses too much on office/business skills.

As a result, we have removed some of the office skills/business units which are in the existing QCF BTEC Firsts in IT, such as the units on presenting information using IT and on business IT skills.

In January 2012, The Royal Society published their conclusions into the teaching of computing at schools. One of their major findings was that skills, knowledge and understanding should be provided for learners to be producers of IT, rather than just consumers of it.

Again, we think the new BTEC Firsts in Information and Creative Technology provide an introduction to understanding how technology works (for example, an understanding of how the internet, websites and computers work), and give learners plenty of practical experience in producing basic technology systems and products.

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